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Terracotta pots cannot be missing. Although it has been around for years, this segment develops new shapes and designs every year. The terracotta segment of NDT consists of the traditional terracotta, granite and basalt.


Mostly made in Europe. NDT can supply and provide in almost all possibilities. From round, square, saucers, XXL or even a strawberry jar. Our Stockholm XXL even goes up to a diameter of 74 centimeters. In addition, many pots can be ordered as separate sizes.


A relatively new addition to the unglazed segment. As with almost all unglazed pots, the same applies to Granite potterie that matching saucers are available for almost every pot size.


A very wide collection of pots and saucers, both in terms of shapes and sizes. The pots differ in diameter from 10 cm up to a diameter of 45 cm. Almost everything in between is available.

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What we can show you on this website is just a selection from our extensive range. If you want to be informed of all our options and collections, then it might be an option to visit us at one of the many trade fairs where we take part of. Of course you can also contact us to make an appointment and visit our showrooms.

The pottery collections of NDT

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