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Our lightweight outdoor pots have been greatly developed in the recent years. Pots from China and Malaysia are usually characterized by their robust look. The price – quality ratio makes these pots the most successful and sold in the world.
New trendy designs and shapes ensure that lightweight pots are perfect for indoor use.


This pot is a new addition to our lightweight range. A robust appearance but easy to transport. Available in the colour grey.


This new and sleek fiber-clay series has almost all possibilities. From roomdividers to pillars, from square to bowl shape. Available in many sizes and 2 colours.


A well-known design within our range, but added with a new shape and colour. The relief makes the pot unique, turning it into a perfect match for in and around the house.


Timeless shapes with a unique print makes this series suitable for any garden or balcony. Frost resistant pots and of course easy to move.


This new eco-composite collection consists 3 colours and 2 types of pots. The combination of the different shapes and bold colours make these pots real eyecatchers .


These pots made of fiber-clay gives the design a luxurious appearance. From scales to higher variants that will steal the show in every garden.


Trendy pots available in 3 colours and various sizes. The fresh colours lend themselves perfectly for indoor use.


Robust pottery in which the traditional colours (light grey and dark grey) have recently been supplemented with the colour ‘Corten steel’. Also new are the XXL rectangular planters with a length of 100 cm.


An absolute bestseller in the lightweight segment. A collection with a rough cement finish in the most chosen colours of light grey and dark grey. This series mainly has XXL pots up to 120 cm high.


The collections of the XXL planters and bowls in particular respond flawlessly to the market demand. This fiber-clay series has a smooth cement look, very sleek finish and a sublime quality.


Both the shape of the pots and the finish makes this range which is made in Malaysia absolutely unique in our lightweight segment.


Two new ones in the collection, the Kensington and the Java.Both inspired by natural colours and materials that we see around us more often. The baskets are freeze-resistant and water-resistant, ideal for the balcony or in the garden.


There is an increasing demand for additional decoration in gardens. NDT has a wide range and many possibilities when we talk about statues, buddhas and sculptures. Despite the dimensions, these lightweight products are easy for customers to display and transport.

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What we can show you on this website is just a selection from our extensive range. If you want to be informed of all our options and collections, then it might be an option to visit us at one of the many trade fairs where we take part of. Of course you can also contact us to make an appointment and visit our showrooms.

The pottery collections of NDT

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